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Are You Looking For Exclusive Maharashtrian Candid Wedding Photography Services?

As one of the leading photographers in the field of Candid Maharashtrian Wedding Photography, we are excited to present to you, yet another beautiful Maharashtrian Wedding!

This wedding story is about a beautiful maharashtrian couple, Ridhima & Samit. Their wedding was simple, beautiful & at the same time grand, classy, vibrant & colourful! The pictures below are a testimony to this!

Samit Sawant, the groom, hails from Santa Clara, California. He was dressed impeccably for the D-Day! Sumit not only comes across but actually is genuinely a very simple & down to earth guy! Ridhima Satam, the bride, on the other hand is someone who comes across as full of energy, bubbly & enthusiastic and she was looking extremely beautiful and photogenic for the occasion!

She was looking stunning & was dressed in a traditional nine yard ‘Paithani Saree’. The wedding was a proper Maharashtrian Wedding & was done with great pomp! It was done with great religious observance and as Candid Wedding Photographers, we had a great time capturing the traditions & rituals at the wedding. Having a good understanding of the above rituals is very important for capturing Candid Moments especially with when it comes to Maharashtrian Candid Wedding Photography.

Here is a brief explanation of some of these Important Maharashtrian Wedding Customs & Rituals:

At the time of shubh muhurat, the girl’s maternal uncle leads her to the mandap. The girl and boy are not allowed to glance at each other; therefore, the girl is taken to the mandap by raising an Antarpaat (a white cloth that is used as a partition between the bride and groom.…


Are You Looking For A Candid Sikh Wedding Photographer in India?

As one of the leading Candid Sikh Wedding Photographer / Punjabi Wedding Photographer’s in India, we have had the privilege of capturing quite a few Sikh / Punjabi Weddings. Simran & Ashish our beautiful couple were an absolute blast to work with! They as well as their families, were a bunch of totally fun & chilled out people we have come across.

Simran belongs to a strong ethical sikh culture & Ashish hails from a classy & well cultured gujarati family. They both make for an awesome pair. Their chemistry was excellent & it made my work as a candid photographer that much easier.

When two people are very much in love, it shows! This wedding was a 3 day elaborate affair!

We were asked to cover all the events leading to the final d-day – the wedding day!

As one of the leading Sikh Wedding Photographer, we got the opportunity to cover the following events:

1. Shagun Tilak Roka Ceremony
2. Vatna Gharoli Ceremony
3, Chuda Ceremony
4. Wedding (In A Beautiful Gurudwara)

Shagun Tilak Roka Ceremony:
The Shagun Tilak Roka Ceremony or Engagement Ceremony marks the beginning of the sikh wedding celebrations. It is also called Tilak, which is performed by a bhaiji (preacher) of the Gurudwara. He reads hymns and then applies a tilak on the groom’s forehead, to mark the engagement ceremony. On this occasion, both the families, exchange gifts in order to confirm the engagement of the couple. The bride’s family takes care of the ceremonial activities of the engagement. As a part of the shagun, a thali containing coconut, dry dates, sugar & money are sent to the groom’s family by the bride’s family.…


Are You Looking For A Candid Maharashtrian Wedding Photographer?

As one of the leading Candid Maharashtrian Wedding Photographer, we have had the privilege of capturing a lot of Maharashtrian Couples & beautiful Maharashtrian Weddings. One of the peculiar aspects of a Maharashtrian Wedding is that they are very colourful, lively & full of fun & frolic.

This wedding was no different. Akash Madan, the groom is an extremely charismatic, cheerful & fun loving guy. He not only comes across as extremely caring & sweet but he is exactly that in real too. After seeing his pictures we took, I was reminded of The Young Dilip Kumar of his times. See the pictures below & you will find his looks reminiscent of Mr.Dilip Kumar in his younger days. Akash is an MBA Graduate from one of the leading B-Schools in Mumbai & India – Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS).

Although, he is well educated & intelligent, he is at the same time very down to earth & humble. Priti Mhatre, the bride on the other hand is sweet, simple & fun loving too. That’s why they make such a good pair together. Initially when I was clicking Priti’s photographs, I had told her that she didn’t have to pose…just be herself & I would take care of the rest.

But initially, she was a little conscious, but soon she completely transformed herself in front of the camera. It was as if she was not at all camera shy. We had a blast shooting Priti & Akash together. We could capture a lot of candid moments between Akash & Priti as they both shared great on screen chemistry. It truly showed how much they cared, loved & had respect for each other.…


Are You Looking For A Premium Destination Wedding Photographer From India?

As a Destination Wedding Photographer, we recently had the privilege to cover a destination wedding in Goa at the Dona Paula International Centre. It was a Konkani-Tamilian fusion wedding. Gautam Vinekar & Raji Srinivasan celebrated their beautiful day with family & friends.

Gautam & Raji both stay in Amsterdam. Gautam works for RBS as a Project Manager & loves food, hiking & road trips! He’s a creative person himself & loves to write poems & is a voracious reader. Raji works for Infosys. She is a fun-loving person & extremely friendly. They both love having cookouts, music & all at the weekends. They are a chilled out couple.

Gautam & Raji wanted to have their wedding with all the traditions & rituals. However, they wanted to capture the traditions & rituals in a very contemporary & photo journalistic manner. The photos were to have the Indian Ethnic feel & outlook & at the same time look very modern. They had seen our work & were pretty sure that we do justice to the kind of photography they were looking for.

We had a blast capturing Gautam & Raji’s wedding in Goa!!! Both their families were extremely kind & humble. They made us feel as if we were a part of their family & not just photographers!

How To Choose A Professional Destination Wedding Photographer?

A Destination wedding photographer calls for a lot of professionalism, responsibility, discipline & punctuality. It’s one thing to label yourself as a destination wedding photographer and a totally different thing to be a successful destination wedding photographer! There are many challenges you are put up with & as a professional, you cannot afford to make any excuses especially when it comes to the most important day in your clients life.…


Muslim Wedding Photography

Whether it’s a traditional Muslim Wedding Photography, an informal style of Islamic Wedding Photography or a Reportage Muslim Wedding Photography, we aim at capturing people in their most natural & candid elements. During any wedding, we quietly & non-intrusively go about capturing the special moments as they unfold.

We use this discreet photography style to create a photographic storyboard of your wedding day, highlighting both moments you remember and moments you missed.

Why Is Muslim Wedding Photography Challenging & Exciting?

Taking pictures at a Muslim wedding could be a tricky thing. Unlike the traditional Hindu weddings that could take hours, a typical Muslim wedding takes much less time. The couple signs the Nikahnama separately & generally that’s about it.

A Muslim Wedding Ceremony is referred to as Nikaah. It is a beautiful agreement between the bride and the groom to spend the rest of their lives together happily. A typical Muslim marriage is characterized by much color and joviality. Men and women dressed in their traditional apparel gather together to celebrate the wedding with much zeal and enthusiasm.

At Art Pixel Photography, we have photographed quite a few Islamic weddings in the last couple of years. Our natural style is modern, relaxed and fresh, and we often photograph young, professional Indian / Asian couples looking for a modern approach to Muslim Wedding Photography / Islamic Wedding Photography.

Having said that, we photograph couples of all backgrounds and ages, and we are accustomed to photographing couples, their families and ceremony in a more traditional manner upon request.

Whether it is a modern or a traditional wedding, our goal is always to be discreet, and we certainly won’t ruin your wedding ceremony with flash guns and camera noise!!!…


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