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Muslim Wedding Photography

Whether it’s a traditional Muslim Wedding Photography, an informal style of Islamic Wedding Photography or a Reportage Muslim Wedding Photography, we aim at capturing people in their most natural & candid elements. During any wedding, we quietly & non-intrusively go about capturing the special moments as they unfold.

We use this discreet photography style to create a photographic storyboard of your wedding day, highlighting both moments you remember and moments you missed.

Why Is Muslim Wedding Photography Challenging & Exciting?

Taking pictures at a Muslim wedding could be a tricky thing. Unlike the traditional Hindu weddings that could take hours, a typical Muslim wedding takes much less time. The couple signs the Nikahnama separately & generally that’s about it.

A Muslim Wedding Ceremony is referred to as Nikaah. It is a beautiful agreement between the bride and the groom to spend the rest of their lives together happily. A typical Muslim marriage is characterized by much color and joviality. Men and women dressed in their traditional apparel gather together to celebrate the wedding with much zeal and enthusiasm.

At Art Pixel Photography, we have photographed quite a few Islamic weddings in the last couple of years. Our natural style is modern, relaxed and fresh, and we often photograph young, professional Indian / Asian couples looking for a modern approach to Muslim Wedding Photography / Islamic Wedding Photography.

Having said that, we photograph couples of all backgrounds and ages, and we are accustomed to photographing couples, their families and ceremony in a more traditional manner upon request.

Whether it is a modern or a traditional wedding, our goal is always to be discreet, and we certainly won’t ruin your wedding ceremony with flash guns and camera noise!!!…


Photo Fusion Wedding Video – What Is It?

Photo Fusion Wedding Video is a beautiful marriage between Wedding Photos & Videos with some Soulful Music! We all love candid natural un-posed photographs but we also do love videos, don’t we?

Both have their own charm! Now what if you could combine the two into one? What would happen when photos & videos become one?

At Art Pixel Photography, we call it photo fusion! It’s a beautiful Photo-Video Montage!

Photo Fusion is a beautiful blend & fusion of breath-taking photographs & spell binding visuals all story-boarded to perfection! There is a lot more to photo-fusion than that which meets the eye. The photo fusion video sample that you see below is not just any other so called photo-fusion video that’s simply made out of photos.

A Real Photo-Fusion Video is something that is slick, crisp, soulful & beautiful. For that, we specially use high-end post production, design, editing & story-boarding to get the desired effect that you can see below.

Experience a brand new never before style of Wedding Photography in Motion! We ♥ To Call It Photo Fusion!

You may like to call it… umm how about Symphonic Visual Rendition? 😉

For Best Effect, Watch This Exclusive HD Video Full Screen! (Highly Recommended):

This is just the beginning… watch this post for even more photo-fusion videos!

Keep in touch & please let me know how you find the photo fusion videos by commenting below.

To enquire us about wedding photography & cinematography you can contact us here.

Captures from Destination Wedding Photographer, Mumbai. Art Pixel Photography (Amit Desai)…


Are You Looking For The Best Wedding Photographer In Mumbai?

Amit Desai is one of the very best wedding photographers from Mumbai, India. As a Candid Destination Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer from Mumbai his passion for wedding photography is what truly drives him to set higher and newer standards of wedding photography in India.

Indian weddings especially are full of heartfelt emotions & feelings that hold true and deep. They are a coming together of two beautiful individuals and their families.

As one of the best wedding photographers from Mumbai, India, we truly understand & acknowledge that wedding is one of the most important and memorable events in the life of an Individual. We cannot tell you what big a difference it makes, when you choose the right photographer for capturing your wedding. It helps the bride and the groom to be so much more relaxed.

When you are relaxed on the D-Day, it even shows in your pictures! They come out so much better!

Gone are the days when wedding photography was merely about capturing only the people, the bride, the groom & their respective families. Today in India, Photojournalistic Wedding Photography is slowly coming of age.

Wedding Photography in the South East Asian Market especially in India is evolving & growing at a very rapid pace! A lot more is expected from a photographer these days!

As one of the best wedding photographer in Mumbai, India, we know that wedding photography & videography / cinematography has seen a monumental shift in terms of quality thanks to the advent of digital media & technology!

Whether you have a large family in Delhi, a fun-filled cocktail party in Mumbai, or a beautiful beach wedding in Goa or the Maldives, deciding on the right wedding photographer or a wedding photojournalist makes a world of a difference!!!…


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