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We got up early morning for a 12-14 hour journey to Keylong! It was going to be a long journey and more of travelling.

Since we could not capture Tsomoriri well last day as we had reached late, we took photos in the morning on our way to Keylong.

The water of Tsomoriri has many colour gradations. Because of windy weather the lake is quite wavy with a lot of blues, greens & violets. This lake has more gradations of colour than even Pangong.

There is a beautiful countryside view immediately after you pass Tsomoriri Lake on the way to Keylong.

Then you cross the Tsokar lake which is also extremely beautiful. Its partly an icy lake and the place is extremely scenic.

We had another driver – Mr.Phunsuk (We call him Michael Schumacher from Ladakh!) we were following. He was driving a Mahindra Xylo and he was way too fast. We took a halt for lunch at Tsokar Restaurant in Pang.

We had to again have Chowmein for lunch! Then we proceeded further. We left before Mr.Phunsuk but he again caught us on the way pretty quickly.

The road and terrain is extremely rocky and gives the feel of the Grand Canyons. The road has a lot of loops and Mr. Phunsuk (Mr. Schumacher – we started calling him that!) kept taking a lot of shortcuts and before we knew, his car skidded on a short-cut turn over a loop very badly and just a stone saved the car and the people inside. Even we halted our car and our folks, Mr.Hadi & Mr.Salman Khan went running to help the car out from the trouble.

Everyone inside the car started cursing this guy for his rash & carefree driving.…


We started the day early and had breakfast at our fav joint! Today was going to be very exciting as we had the Ladakhi Festival to capture.

We had thought that we would be missing out on the first few minutes of the festival as we were a bit late. But fortunately we didn’t miss out on anything.

We got some really good candids and tried capturing the essence of the festival through our cameras. The festival is very bright, vibrant, colourful and signifies the different cultures of Ladakh. A lot of tourists visit this festival every year and this day was no difference.

We were there for an hour or so and then we headed for Tsomoriri (One of the Most Coldest & Dreaded Places!!!)

The road to Tsomoriri is extremely breathtaking & scenic. Its full of turns & twists and valleys and mountains on either side.

The road to Tsomoriri is the most beautiful road we experienced yet on our trip. We were hungry and it was 3.30pm. We halted at Chumathang & had to again have noodles for lunch! Phew!!!

After having lunch, we went to see the Hot Springs in Chumathang. At first sight, the hot springs were not very much visible and we felt that Panamik had better Hot Springs.

But very soon, we realised that Chumathang had some really good Hot Springs (Even better than Panamik!).

We took a few videos & pictures and headed further. It was a long journey and we were losing out on lights. Also the weather was turning out to be very ferocious.

On our way we saw snow-fall happening on a nearby mountain. It looked as if there was a sand-storm or some kind of an Hurricane nearby.…


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