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We got up a bit early and left for Nako. On the way we 1st saw Dhangkar Gonpa. It’s also a Monastery located at quite a good height. We clicked a few candids on our way uphill. Dhangkar is one of the 5 major monasteries of Spiti and is in imminent danger of collapsing.

This 1000 year old Gonpa has been recognised by the World Monument Fund as one of the 100 most endangered sites in the world. Next, we visited the Tabo Monastery. Tabo Monastery is one of the most beautiful and very unique and different monasteries that you will come across and hence its a must visit.

It has a sandstone feel and is very different from other Monasteries. Outside this monastery is a German Bakery. We took a Chocolate Ball & Cinnamon & Chocolate Croissant from there and headed for Nako. On the way we came across many hilly and mountaineous areas which even resembled like Moonland in patches.

We finally reached Nako. We were hungry and before reaching our camps, we thought of having lunch outside. We went to a Hotel – Reo Purguil. The food was quite good there! We had Cashew Curry & Paneer in Indian Masala and we liked the food there.

From there we proceeded to our camp. The camp is extremely good, with quite nice facilities however we wanted to stay in a guest house so that we could get a power point to keep our batteries charged and hence we exchanged our camp for Guest House.

The only problem was that the guest house was located at quite a good distance and the location was a bit weird but beautiful. It was situated just above the Nako Lake.…


We got up a bit late as it was going to be a trip only to a few nearby locations in Kaza. We were to visit – Kibber Village, Getti Village & Kee Monastery today.

We 1st left for Kibber Village. We got a lot of candids of Tribal Himalayan Women, Men & even Kids! Ditto for Getti Village.

We then proceeded for Kee Monastery. This monastery is located at a good height and is extremely beautiful just like other Monasteries. We captured a lot of exterior photos but unfortunately the temples inside are restricted for photography.

Hence we couldn’t capture the photos inside. We got a lot of candid photos of Lhamas there.We then headed for the Kaza Marketplace. Being a Sunday, most of the shops were closed but we found an extremely beautiful, royal & regal monastery a little further inside and decided to visit the place and click some pictures.

After that we headed to our Hotel. We spent the evening talking with Mr.M.Singh over Sprite and simultaneously doing some work on our Macbook Pro and then we had Dinner, watched a movie and went to sleep.

Here is a Slideshow version of the above pics.

Captures from Art Pixel Photography (Amit Desai)

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We got up early morning as even today we had a long journey to cover. We had taken memory cards from Mr.Hadi & Mr.Salman for transferring their pictures on it. We even burned a DVD with their photos and shared our contact information with them & took their numbers as well.

In the morning, Mr.Hadi came into our room to wish us. We both realised that Mr.Salman had got a bit too emotional and hence didn’t come into our room.

So we asked Mr.Hadi to call him as well for saying goodbye to him. We gave them the memory cards and wished them the very best of success. We were feeling quite emotional too as even we had got very much attached to them. This day was a new driver cum guide for us. He was Mr.M.Singh. He seemed a bit weird at first. But after a while he slowly opened up with us.

He had not much clue about the road in terms of the villages and the lifestyle of the people there & was good at bluffing which we could easily guess! The road was extremely rocky and pretty but definitely not as beautiful as the roads in JK (Ladakh). We could feel the difference.

On the way we could see a herd of Sheep and shepherds taking care of their herd. Also on the way is the Chandratal Lake. We took a few photos of the Monastery nearby and then left for Kaza. Finally we reached our Hotel – Spiti Sarai.

The hotel is located in a very scenic place, and has the feel of countryside as it’s a bit away from the village. We got off our luggage, had dinner, watched a movie and went to sleep.…


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