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We got up at 8.30am, had breakfast and left for Alchi. Mr. Hadi was our new travel guide cum driver from Kargil onwards. What made us very happy was that we were this time going to travel in a new & a much better and comfortable car!

We left from Kargil, parallel to Suru River which comes from Nun Kun Glacier. When we start with this by road, Baru Valley can be seen. We can also see the military base & a lot of shops which had got bombarded during the Kargil War.

We spent a few minutes of silence over there & proceeded further.

Next, on our way was Mulbekh. This village is scattered around the banks of river Wakha. This place is filled with poplars & orchards of Walnut & Apricot Trees. There a quite a few roadside Dhaba’s on the way.

We also had a quick look at the 7 metre high Maitreya (Chamba in Tibetan) Statue carved from the face of a gigantic boulder.

We then reached the – Namki La Pass (12198Ft above Sea Level!). This pass consists of Zig-Zag roads passing through barren desert-rock like Mountains.

Next we come across the Fotula Pass (13479Ft above Sea Level) It is the Highest Point on The Srinagar – Leh Road!

Next stop was Lamayuru – We halted there in Hotel Niranjana for Lunch. After having lunch, we took a few pictures of the Lamayuru Gompa (Monastery). Lamayuru Gompa is one of the oldest & one of the most important monasteries set in picturesque Moonland surroundings.

The white washed medieval monastery towers above scruffy cluster of tumbled down mud-brick houses from the top of near vertical, weirdly eroded cliff.…


We woke up a bit late as we had slept quite late because of what had happened the previous night. Also this day was more of a sight-seeing day and we could afford to get up a bit late.

After getting up, we had a very heavy breakfast & then we booked a private taxi for sight-seeing in Padum (Zanskar Valley).

We had to see Stongdey & Karsha Monastery today and after booking a taxi for the same we came back to our room to take some rest.

At 2.00pm we left for the sight seeing. We had to book a private taxi for the same as our driver-cum-tourist guides were not allowed to do sight-seeing in Zanskar as they came from a different place.

Our way to Stongdey was extremely scenic & picturesque. There were many small towns spread across the way and these towns had homes and houses mostly made of stones and bricks. The people here as well were very warm and loving & so were the kids very cute & adorable.

The locations were absolutely gorgeous and breath taking. We simply couldn’t stop clicking. Before reaching Stongdey Monastery, we were not having a clue as to what was in store for us. But to say the least, the road to stongdey was stunning & the Stongdey Gompa was even more stunning.

Stongdey Gompa is situated at a moderate height where cars cannot reach. Our taxi driver came with us & guided us to Stongdey Gompa. What lied in front of us was simple Divine, Serene & Beautiful.

Stongdey Gompa is an extremely beautiful monastery. The monk we met there was very caring & helpful. He took us to all the rooms inside the monastery.…


We had early morning breakfast & left for Rangdum. We had a change of car & driver at this point. Mr. Ali & Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed were our driver cum tourist guides from here on. We covered Parkachik & Suru Valley on our way to Rangdum.

Suru Valley is characterised by beautiful lush green small towns surrounded by mountains on both sides & open blue skies. The beauty is something that only can be seen by being there.

We had a good time traveling. Our driver cum tourist guides were very friendly and nice people. They even halted the car to get fresh apricots for us straight from the apricot trees. They also offered us grapes. We loved having both. Suru Valley also is characterised by long stretch of road surrounded by breath taking mountains on both the sides – A few mountains even snow clad!

The people here are extremely nice & friendly. If you wave at them, they smile and wave at you! Kids here are so damn cute. They have such beautiful smiles & if you offer them sweets (which you must), you can see them jumping with joy.

We took a halt for refreshments at the Sangpu Village Marketplace. We crossed the Damsna Valley. We saw the Nun Kun Glacier (snow-clad). On our way, we could also see the Karpokhar Astana (Mosque). Many people pay a visit to this beautiful mosque for healing their illnesses.

On our way, we even saw a teacher teaching his students in the open. We halted our car, took a few candids & even spoke to the Guruji who was teaching the kids. He introduced himself as Mr. Prakash.

Then we thanked everyone & proceeded further.…


We started our day early morning. We left for Kargil, a destination we all were so much eager to see!

One piece of advice I would like to give to our fans is that – If you are going to stay in Houseboats, please make sure you know what you are going to be charged in terms of food & accommodation. We were charged heavily for just one night stay & morning breakfast.

(This is just an advice as it happened to us. It’s not necessary that it will happen to you also but it’s always better to know!)

We left for Kargil via the following route:

Srinagar – Sonamarg – Zozila Pass – Drass Valley – Vijay Smarak (Tololing) – Kargil

Sonamarg: Sonamarg is perched besides the river Sindh and surrounded by forests of pine, fir, beech & symore with towering peaks all around. It’s a scenic place to break the journey to kargil.
Further attraction is that the thajiwas glacier is only 4 km’s away.

Zozila Pass: On the way to Kargil after going further down Sonamarg, for safety & security reasons & for military & traffic control, only one way traffic is acceptable at Zozila. The Indian Military & Road Security is simply impeccable & they have done a great job in managing traffic at Zozila & hence even when there is a one way traffic, you don’t need to wait for very long.

The brief halt at Zozila Pass is actually a photographers blessing in disguise as the place is very much centrally located. The view from the top of the valley is simply ethereal!

Further down, we come across the zozila war memorial.

Drass Valley: It has been said that Drass Valley is one of the coldest places.…


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