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We are Photojournalistic & Candid Engagement / Ring Ceremony photographers from Mumbai, India. We love to photograph engagement events in India & abroad. Engagement is the very first official step in the life a couple & we love to document engagement events in the most candid way possible that can make the event all the more memorable.

Are You Looking For Exclusive Indian Engagement Photography?

Indian Engagement Photography or Ring Ceremony is one of the most exciting & beautiful events to capture on celluloid! Engagement or Ring Ceremony is one of the vital Pre-Wedding Ceremonies.

It is held day or 2 days prior to the wedding day or sometimes the engagement may also happen very much in advance before the wedding. Ring ceremony is also known as Engagement, Roka, Mangni or Sagaii in some other parts of the country. Tradition and rituals are still very much alive in India & arranged or proposed marriages are still common.

During Engagement or Ring Ceremony, the groom and the bride exchange rings as symbol of love and devotion. Herein lies the essence of Indian customs and traditions. The family members and relatives of bride and groom meet during Ring Ceremony. There is an exchange of gifts, jewellery and clothes.

Roka ceremony is generally held at the brides place or a place arranged by the brides parents. But now-a-days, this ceremony is not held in homes. People celebrate Roka Ceremony as it is the very first event of marriage. Roka or Ring Ceremony is held after match making by the Pundit.

After match making is done, Roka Ceremony is arranged and then the marriage date is fixed. Roka signifies that the boy & the girl are affianced to each other. An auspicious day for marriage is fixed after the Roka Ceremony. It’s a symbol of acceptance of courtship!

For the ceremony, there are two parts: Introduction & Ring Ceremony. We did this in mainly Jain Style. The first part of the ceremony took 20 minutes and involved giving blessings to the bride and the bridegroom’s family, exchanging gifts & changing.…


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