Photography Equipment & Gear

Photography Equipment & Gear

At Art Pixel Photography, we simply do not compromise on the quality of our Photography Equipment & Gear. We do a lot of Premium Hi-End Destination Photojournalistic Wedding Photography and since we travel a lot, it is a huge responsibility that we have to carry for the best wedding experience of our clients & we cannot afford to compromise on the quality of our Photography Equipment & Gear.

Here is a Partial List of Photography Equipment & Gear we use for Wedding & Other Photography Assignments:

The Professional DSLR Camera Bodies that we use are:

  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark III (22.3 Megapixels)
  2. Canon EOS 6D (20.2 Megapixels)
  3. Canon EOS 5D Mark II (21.1 Megapixels)

All the above 3 Camera’s are Full Frame, Top of the Line Canon Professional Cameras. For all our shoots we carry atleast 2 Camera Bodies per Candid Shooter. That means, we always have a Full-Frame Camera Body as a Back-Up just for safety precautions!

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible coverage and also have an uncompromising back-up if needed. All the lenses we use are Canon L-Series Lenses which represent the Canon Luxury Line of Lenses. It’s not only the best but also the costliest piece of glass a photographer can buy! We carry atleast 4, 32 GB Ultra High Speed Professional Sandisk, Lexar Professional & Sony Memory Cards & also 2 Extra Battery Packs so that we don’t ever run short of Memory Cards & Battery Packs!


Canon 24mm-105mm IS USM 4.0 L-Series Lens:

"Canon EF 24-105mm"

Canon 100mm IS USM Macro 2.8 L-Series Lens:

"Canon 100mm f-2.8-L IS USM Macro Lens"

Canon 50mm USM 1.2 L-Series Lens:

"Canon 50mm 1.2L"

Canon 70mm-200mm IS USM 2.8 L-Series Lens:

"CANON 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM II"

Canon 17mm-40mm IS USM 4.0 L-Series Lens: (For Amazing Wide Angle Shots!)

"Canon 17-40mm"

In addition to the above, we use the following camera accessories:

  1. Marumi / Hoya Filters (Made in Japan Highest Grade UV Filters)
  2. Manfrotto Tripods & Monopods (Made in Germany best in class Light Weight Carbon Fiber Tripods & Monopods)
  3. BlackRapid – The Original Camera Sling – The World’s Fastest Camera Straps
  4. Elinchrom – Creative Image Lighting Technology
  5. Adobe Softwares for Industry Leading Photo Editing & Post Production
  6. Pelican Cases for Best in class Photography Equipment & Gear Protection especially during travel
  7. Pocket Wizard – Remote Flash & Camera Triggers for Professionals
  8. Caselogic & Lowepro Backpacks – The best in class backpacks
  9. Lacie 3TB Rugged Hard Disks for Storage & Backup
  10. Secure Online Cloud Storage for Backup & Safety.

Post Processing Hardware:

Having the finest photographic equipment is only half the job done! To get the most out of editing & post production workflow, we only use Apple Computers and Apple Hardware & Software. This helps us achieve seamless photographic workflow and ensures premium high end level output!

We use the following Hardware:

27″ iMac Apple Macintosh:

"27" iMac"

15″ Apple Macbook Pro

"15" Mac Book Pro"

As Artists obsessed with Digital Art… we prefer to work only on Apple iMac’s & Macbook Pro’s for all our Photographic Editing & Post Production work.

As we are connoisseurs of art, we love to create art through our work. Great work can only happen when you use the finest quality equipment & gear throughout the entire photographic workflow. That’s why we have invested so heavily in the finest quality accessories & photography equipment & gear.

We are proudly using:

– Art Pixel Photography

Amit Desai. (Director of Photography, Art & Design)

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