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Amit Desai has been a connoisseur of art and art forms ever since his younger days! He was inclined towards painting, music, art & literature ever since he was a kid. As he grew up, his interest in Photography almost became like an obsession.

First he dabbled with a few film cameras and film fascinated him like anything. Later with the advent of Digital Photography, there was no looking back for him. He was so passionate about photography that despite doing his Bachelors in Commerce with Honors & then Masters in Finance from Mumbai University, he still insisted on pursuing Photography and made it his business & profession!

 His love for photography knew no bounds. He wanted photography to get the better of him & so to stretch his artistic limits he decided to try his hand at one of the most difficult and challenging forms of Photography – Candid Photo Journalistic Wedding Photography and the rest as cliched as it may sound, was history!

Right from his very first wedding photography assignment, he announced to the world that he was not just another newbie turned professional but a complete world-class pro photog who could challenge even the veterans at their own game!

Today he is regarded as one of the finest photographers when it comes to Candid Photo Journalistic Wedding Photography in India and abroad. He says, “I love the thrill and the excitement of capturing ‘the moment’ in my frame. To be unconventional, to try different things and to excel is something that I strive for. I want to bring something different to the table, something better, every time I hold my machine! That’s what truly drives me!!!”

Amit has always been a keen sense of observer of people, nature and human psychology. He believes that understanding human psychology and nature is what helps a wedding photographer truly excel at his craft. Every wedding is a story and a Photographer must know how to capture and narrate every wedding story in the most beautiful way possible.

Being a Master Craftsmen, Amit also has a very keen sense of understanding about lights, colours, tones and hues and how these factors deeply affect the subject as well as the camera. No camera yet developed is as sophisticated as the human eye and therefore having an understanding of lighting, colours, tones & hues is critical from a Photographic standpoint.

For those of you who do not know, Amit Desai is also an Author of the Book – ‘The Gift’ – The New Science of Manifestation. He loves to write in his free time and believes strongly in ‘The Law of Attraction’.

The Law of Attraction simply stated is: “We attract & manifest into our lives the thoughts that we think, the beliefs that we hold and the emotions that we truly & deeply feel. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Nothing is impossible if you BELIEVE! Faith can MOVE MOUNTAINS

“Photography is a medium through which I experience my affinity towards the divine. When I’m close to nature, when I am all by myself, lone (but not lonely), I experience this deep connection with a force that cannot be merely described in words where photography serves as a thread that ties my bond with The Eternal, The Almighty, The All, The Everything & also The Nothing! Lets meet, THERE!” – Amit Desai.

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Amit Desai: +919820151581

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